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Issues + Advocacy

The 270 Connecticut Auto Dealers and CARA directly employ 14,000 people at the dealerships around the state. There are many issues that CARA dealers face as one of the largest economic drivers in Connecticut. The Association is committed to representing its members and focusing on supporting best practices to help sustain these local businesses. 



Franchise laws help keep customers costs down by providing competition between and among locally owned auto dealerships. This year, we are hopeful that the legislature will adopt a bill to allow dealers to economically upgrade dealerships to OEM corporate standards while allowing for locally sourced materials and labor, and ensuring that such projects “pencil out” economically, allowing dealers to recover costs associated with the upgrades over a commercially reasonable time period. This bill will help local auto dealers continue to deliver a competitive priced product.



Our industry strongly supports promoting and enhancing the electric vehicle market in Connecticut. We have joined forces with many environmental advocates and the State of Connecticut to provide incentives to consumers to purchase EVs.



CARA remains opposed to any legislation providing Tesla Corporation a Loophole from existing pro consumer and pro Connecticut based businesses. All CARA members and their employees are urged to call your State Representatives and Senator to express our strong disagreement with giving special treatment to an out of state corporation at the expense of the 270 local auto dealerships and our 14,000 hardworking employees.



CARA supports preservation of the Customers Dealer Trade-in allowance at time of purchase of a new vehicle. This sales tax allowance which prevents double taxation on the trade in, enhance the ability of a consumer to put a down payment on the vehicle and substantially reduces the finance cost for the average vehicle purchased by over $1000.



CARA supports allowing dealers to use their economic strength and bargaining power with large auto lenders to ensure that consumers get the best rate and most affordable payment plan for a new or used vehicle.