Regarding the June 2 letter "Rebate Is Great Unless You Want a Tesla": The state's CHEAPR program was designed to grow the fledgling electric vehicle market by providing a rebate that would help convert more sales. Luxury electric vehicles, such as the BMW i8 and the Tesla, are priced well above the $60,000 threshold to qualify for the rebate.

These high-end cars also attract customers who are less likely to be swayed by the incentive. CHEAPR was designed for regular mid-priced customers, and over over the last 18 months, the program has been so successful in building the EV market that it is viewed as a national state policy model. Let's be fair to the average consumer and agree that a $3,000 rebate will not affect the buying behavior of Tesla customers.

The threshold is fair to all manufacturers, especially given the fact that Tesla already receives lavish financial support from the federal government, leaving no room to cry foul. At the same time, Connecticut dealerships have stood by their offer to sell Teslas through the franchise system.

Jim Fleming, Hartford, the writer is president of the Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association.

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